Let Us Show You . . . 
Rainberry Bay Theater 

On the dance floor by herself.

Pool 5 behind the Theater, great for parties.

Welcome to the Theater

Working in the kitchen for a party.

Rehearsing for the annual Theater Arts show.

What It Takes . . .

As a member of Theater Management, I want to let everyone know what the committee is and what it does for Rainberry Bay. Many residents who live in this community are not familiar with Theater Management and think that the Social Club controls the Theater. 

We are a committee chaired by Mort Lewis, selected because of his vast knowledge of our Theater. This committee has a budget for repairs of anything within the Theater. We are responsible for anything that goes on in the Theater.

The Social Club, which is a separate, not-for-profit corporation, works in conjunction with TM, especially when shows are offered during the season and for the Cabaret Nights throughout the year. The performers request certain things they need, i.e. sound, light, etc., and it is up to TM to grant these requests.

Many of the Rainberry Clubs use the Theater for their luncheons, breakfasts and other events. Theater Management provides people to make sure everything goes properly. There are usually at least two members of Theater Management in attendance to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

During season, the regular maintenance crew comes in to clean regularly. Once the snowbirds go back, Theater Management does not go on hiatus. This is the time for all of the HEAVY maintenance of the Theater to be done. Carpets need cleaning, chairs get shampooed and treated, curtains and drapes get cleaned.  Every light gets checked to make sure they are working, both backstage and in the dressing room. This year the back area will be painted. All this happens during the off season. Theater Management works for the comfort of all residents and guests you bring in.

But WE NEED HELP! We are made up of volunteers. Our Theater holds 800 people for any show and 300 people for Cabarets, leaving plenty of room for dancing.

  • We need people to help decorate for New Year's Eve.
  • We need people to learn how to show movies on Sunday nights.
  • We need people to come in and learn from Mort how to run the Theater.​  
​If you have any questions or would like to be a volunteer, contact either Mort Lewis (278-2863) or Glenn Todd (276-4228) and let us know you would like to work with us.