• A signed copy of Essential information from Sales Application and the Affidavit signifying that one person aged 55 or older will reside at address.

  • Age Verification form

  • Certificate of Interview /Approval

  • Non-refundable check of $100 per person for required credit and background checks.

  • All forms can be found in the the Sales Application below.


  • To be a legitimate rental, the community requires a minimum of ownership of two years unless the property is owned by an heir.

  • Rentals allowed once per fiscal year (Oct 15-Sep 30) for a minimum of 3 consecutive months.

  • Must furnish Terms of Lease.

  • Landlords MUST furnish a copy of the Landlord Permit issued by the city of Delray Beach with the completed application and lease.

  • Copy of a signed Rental Agreement.

Pet Restrictions

  • Community allows maximum of 2 common pets (dogs and cats) with a mature weight limit of 25 pounds or an aggregate weight of 30 pounds for both pets.

  • Renters must abide by all community rules, found in the Sales Application.

  • Landlords may determine whether or not pets are allowed in the unit.