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In keeping with the updated guidelines from the State, Palm Beach County, and Delray Beach, we will continue the gradual opening of our facilities that began on May 1st. We need to follow the rules of the state, county, and city, and, in general, each level down from state to the community (Rainberry Bay board) can make things more restrictive but not less.

The updated mandate from PBC is that facilities must be monitored to ensure compliance with CDC and PBC guidelines but the monitoring rules have been relaxed and periodic checks by security are sufficient to ensure this compliance as long as violations are not found. If violations are observed, we must reinstate constant on-site monitors or close the facilities. Please do not continually call the office for updates as they are following the instructions of the board and governmental agencies.  Eblasts will continue to be sent when new information is available.

Remember that we are trying to prevent the spread of a virus that is potentially deadly, particularly to seniors, and that is the sole driving force of our actions. Minimize contact with other people and objects, wash your hands, and keep your fingers away from your face. There is no downside to wearing a mask when in contact with other people and they protect everyone so please do so whenever possible.

Water fountains will not be available; please bring whatever fluid you prefer. No spectators, no waiting around for your time on the courts. Come at the scheduled time. Bring hand sanitizer and use it where appropriate. Wash your hands when you get home. The idea is to come, play, and leave. We know everyone misses hanging with their friends, but it just isn’t a good idea.