Rainberry Bay Pools & Spas

The community maintains five heated pools within the complex.  Each is usually frequented from its local "neighborhood" or its function. The largest pool (Pool 5) is set-up for lap swimming. It is our busiest pool, situated right behind the RB Theater. Most community pool parties are held there. It offers shaded areas for lounging and is also lighted for night swimming.

Pool 1 is outside the clubhouse, and aquacise classes are offered there. There is also a gazebo, offering shade for card games and plenty of chaise lounges for a relaxing time in the pool or in the spa.

Pool 2 is part of the Bocce Center, Pool 3 is a smaller, more intimate setting and many a grandchild has learned to swim in this pool. Pool 4 has very little parking and is in a park-like setting right off Rainberry Circle. During the pandemic, one pool is open for residents only and requires on-site monitors.

Pool 1 is right next to the Clubhouse, a great place to gather.

The Clubhouse pool (1) is a great place to gather before or after a meeting or class. It has a covered gazebo for card playing or lounging.

Pool 2 is set right near the Bocce courts so you can have a rigorous game and a spa treatment or pool time.

Pool 3

An aerial view of Pool 4, set in a park-like setting.

Pool 3 is the smallest of our pools, great for teaching grandchildren how to swim.

The largest of our pools (#5) is located behind the RB Theater and is a center for community activity.

Pool 5 is specially lit to allow for night swimming. Perfect for those who prefer moonlight to sunlight.