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This week in Rainberry Bay: 2/23/2024

Updated event info: (click on Calendar) or Beacon


What’s new & updated: (more info below)

New info - Election Update

Updates - Lake Day, On Stage, Movies are back!


Committee Chairs – you will remain in your current position until reassigned or replaced.  Submit your request to chair any committee(s) after the 3/6 election.


A new set of engineering and landscaping plans were given to Delray Beach on 2/14, awaiting their reply.


The office hours are posted on the door to the office: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 8:30-4:30, they close for lunch 12 – 12:30.

On Wednesdays the office will close for the day at 12:30pm, reopening Thursday at 8:30am. They are inside, working. This is to enable them to catch up on work orders, phone calls, reaching out to contractors, etc. Please don’t pound on the door!

Recent calls and correspondence prompt a reminder to our residents that calls to the office are recorded and emails to the board and staff are filed. Abusive language or harassment will not be tolerated and will be referred to our attorney as necessary. This includes visits to the office or talking to staff or board members around the community. Please register your concerns and complaints in a civil manner. Do not write or otherwise contact our vendors / contractors without express permission, this includes the landscapers, painters and roofers.



If you put your name on the ballot, you waive anonymity, but that’s acceptable as long as you sign the outer envelope, check Homes/ Villas and put on your address for the roster.


Due to errors at the printers, the absentee ballots printed were not printed on colored paper. Both the Master and the Homes absentee ballots were printed on white paper.  And Homes residents may have received only one (1) colored envelope


The primary purpose for using different colored absentee ballots is to expedite counting on Election Night. So, rather than do a costly second mailing to provide colored ballots, please use the white ballots provided to cast your absentee vote.


After completing your absentee ballot or ballots, place the ballot(s), unsigned, inside of ANY colored envelope your received. 


Be sure to sign the white envelope, write your full address and check the Homes or Villas box. Seal the white envelope and mail it or place it in the ballot box in front of the Clubhouse. The absentee ballots must be received by the office not later than 12:00 noon on March 6, 2024.


Questions may be sent me at I will respond as quickly as I am able.  Bob Williams, Election Co-Chair


Election night volunteers


All residents who will serve as on the election committee on March 6, election night, have been contacted by email or phone by Donna Gouin. If you have not received an email or phone call, we thank you for your interest, but we have been fortunate to have more volunteers than we need! Reminder: There will be a brief meeting for those who are on the committee for the first time on March 4, in the Theater, at 11:30 am, to go over the procedures of election night. If you have been on the committee in the past, you are, of course, welcome to attend, but it is not necessary. Thank you.


Florida Statute 720.306


(a) Elections of directors must be conducted in accordance with the procedures set forth in the governing documents of the association. Except as provided in paragraph (b), all members of the association are eligible to serve on the board of directors, and a member may nominate himself or herself as a candidate for the board at a meeting where the election is to be held; provided, however, that if the election process allows candidates to be nominated in advance of the meeting, the association is not required to allow nominations at the meeting.


Bug Off Exterminators, Inc. – Direct calls (only)

Phone number to schedule pest control: 954- 772-8338

Rainberry Bay's Schedule is: Mon., Wed., and Fri. between 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, a total of 15 appointments per day.


Board Meetings: All meetings will be hybrid meetings (clubhouse plus zoom, links will be sent). Please do not wear perfume to the meetings as some people have allergies. Thanks.


Mar 6 – Election Night (all committee chairs remain in place until the new board has a chance to review who volunteers)


Homes 3/5 - canceled

Master 3/13- tentative date


Recordings of meetings will be made available on the website. Click on The Videos Link – they are password protected – contact the office for the password.


Homes Association Members - We invite you to join us at our weekly Tuesday meetings at 3:30 PM in the Arts & Crafts room of the Club house with any questions, comments or suggestions on the Homes Documents we have been updating.  Open dates are February 27.  Please email John English at if you would like to attend and your preference for a date as our space is limited.  We would be thrilled to have a large response; in which case we would try to reserve a larger room.  We've been working to protect all of our homes and investments by updating our Documents.

Please RSVP to John and attend one of our sessions.  We look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts on the documents.

As a note - please do not come and bring up Master's issues such as landscaping, roads, pools, etc.  We will not be discussing topics other than our Homes Documents.

Landscaping – Next Week


All weather permitting, subject to change.

Homeowners must leave gates unlocked and open to allow access to mow back yards (they will not open closed gates), also PBB will not be responsible per contract for anything damaged in the grass while mowing, however they will be as cautious and mindful as possible of things/ornaments on turf.


Spray crew will be on NW. 29th Ave. across from the theater

Trim crew will be on NW. 31st Ave., next to the canal

Mow date t/b/a


Just a reminder about debris pickup: On Monday and Wednesday, a few palm fronds that have fallen from trees, can be placed at your curb for pick up by our landscaping and/or our management companies. Please keep the fronds stored out of site until Sunday or Tuesday evening after 4. Friday is the day large amounts of debris from trimmed trees will be picked up by Waste Management, put on the curb after 4 on Thursday. Please DO NOT put any debris on the circle.



Sunday Night Movies are back!

March 1- “Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning”

March 24 – “Barbie”

April 28 – “The Color Purple”




Hosted by The Council of Clubs and The Beacon

If you purchased your Rainberry Bay home from 2020 to 2024, please join us on Sunday March 10 at 11:00 AM in the auditorium (large meeting room) in our clubhouse. We will have a bagel brunch, opportunity to meet other new neighbors and learn about several clubs and committees. 


RSVP no later than 2/25 as space is limited to the first 80 people who respond. Tell us how many in your household are attending and your full names. If you have dietary requirements such as gluten free or vegan, please also let us know.

Reply to: Helen Sohne





On Stage show, Rainberry Screams is tomorrow (2/24) and there are still tickets available at the door ($10 each).  Doors open at 6:45PM and will give you ample time to mingle with your neighbors before curtain.

We are offering SANGRIA AND CHEESE PLATTERS (small/large) for purchase $5 and $10 provided by FOODBERRY and will accept cash or VENMO.

EVERYONE SHOULD BE ASSURED THAT THIS IS NOT A HATCHET JOB ON THE BOARD here at Rainberry Bay.  We know that they work very hard.  It's just a light-hearted, MUSICAL event that pokes fun at some of your frustrations.Any questions, please contact



At our March 8 meeting, 1pm in the Clubhouse MCR we will be honored to have Rabbi Mendy Heber, who along with his wife, Mirel, are directors of the Chabad @ the city of Delray Beach, as a guest speaker.

His talk will focus on the evolution of the Chabad from its creation to its role in the 21st century. He will also discuss Purim, and the Chabad’s connection to this holiday. We will, of course, serve hamantaschen to celebrate Purim. 

We only speak in English, and please refrain from perfume wearing, as some of us have allergies- thnx. Jack& Nancy Effrain,


Mix n Mingle

On Friday March 8, there will be a Neil Diamond tribute band.

On Friday April 5, the Friday at Five Band will perform.  Friday At Five is South Florida's ultimate party band! They play rock, country, pop, alternative, grunge, reggae and so much more. 

All shows are in the newly renovated Theater from 7pm to 10pm and cost $25.  Tickets can be purchased on Mondays and Thursdays from 4-5pm in the Clubhouse. Come dance, bring some snacks and your choice of beverage and have a great time.


FOODBERRY – Marlene Elmowitz

Other Foodberry coming events:  Easter cookoff, April 21st Passover cook off, May 5th Cinco Mayo celebration. 


NEW We are trialing a monthly BREAKFAST CLUB, open to all - 1st time will be March 17th. If all goes well, we can plan one Sunday of every month. Come by after Pickleball, tennis, morning exercise or when you wake-up. Put in your order form by March 14th and come to club house between 9:30 – 12pm and enjoy with your Rainberry community. Selection of bagel, varied cream cheeses, whitefish salad, egg salad or Nova Salmon Lox and all the fixings. Includes Coffee or tea or orange Juice

If you know someone ill or just in need of meals –Please email  so we can help provide assistance.  We have shared meals already with a few Rainberry residents who are so grateful for home cooking.  Foodberry Meals on Wheels 

Forms will be in clubhouse, PB courts and tennis courts, leave your order form and payment in Mailbox#7. Questions, please email Don’t want to cook but love to eat, this is the club for you! $20 cash or check in clubhouse mailbox#7- Feel free to contact us - Our email is


*March 19- Topic- AI (Artificial Intelligence- Allan Trust

Reading of a book isn't required. Instead, I'll email 6-7 articles on various issues of the new technologies which are already changing many aspects of our lives. From breathtaking new treatments to cancer, writing poetry, unearthing the writings of ancient civilizations, to enabling massive fraud, and violating our personal lives. We'll discuss both sides of AI. It's here. It can't be stopped. Let's start to learn and live with it.

Presented by Allan & Carrie Trust


*April 19, 2024- To Dye For, by Aiden Wicker   

This will be a cooperative effort by the Green Committee, and the Non-Fiction Book Club. Debbie Peters & Karen Aprill will be the Presenters. Have you stopped to consider the dangerous effects your clothes may be having on your health? Wicker tells us about the toxic chemicals likely to be in your closet right now. The harm they're bringing, and what you can do about it.

All meetings will begin at 11AM, in the clubhouse.


Their selected books will be reported shortly. Please contact me with questions, for info:



The Tennis Club and AXIS will sponsor a February Fun Round Robin on Saturday, February 24th at 9am.  There will be pizza after play.

Event is free to all Rainberry Bay Residents and Tennis Club members.  There is a $5 fee for all others.  The event is open to first 32 people who sign up. Sign up in the Tennis Center office.  




Come to our Lake Celebration this Sunday, February 25, beginning at noon.    Audubon and the Green Committee are offering a free plant raffle and a chance to win a gift for getting the most questions correct on this year's fun and educational Lake Quiz!  Raffle tickets, plants, and quiz will be available starting right after the Dog Parade. We hope that you will enjoy all of the speakers, games, and refreshments; but especially we would like you to be there for drawings following the Audubon presentation. If you cannot be there for the drawings, please ask a friend to represent you.  See you Sunday!!!


Rainberry's 2nd Annual Dog Parade, sponsored by the Green Committee, will be this coming Sunday, February 25 at 10 AM in the Rainberry Theater parking lots.  Please plan to be there by 9:30 AM if you need to register, but please try to pre-register.   Registration forms are in the clubhouse wall display and on the website. 

There is an optional $5 donation.  Completed registration forms & any donations should be put in the Beacon mailbox, located between the library & fitness room.  Please include your email address for a receipt of the completed registrations & donations.  5 PM Saturday will be the final check of the Beacon mailbox, so after that please plan to bring your forms Sunday morning.  Please contact Dog Parade Chair Camille Mazza to volunteer to work the parade or make a donation to help with prizes, etc.



Wednesday, March 20, 2pm, in the Clubhouse is the date and time of our next discussion:  The Librarian of Burned Books by Brianna Labuskes.  The theme of this story is the banning of books. This issue is as current, and relevant today (particularly In Florida) as it was during the setting of The Librarian of Burned Books. This is a WWII novel about the fates of three women who believe in the power of books to triumph over the dark moments of the war, and of censorship in Germany and the USA.

This book is available locally, in RB library, and online. Reading the book will enhance your participation in our discussions. Please join us Wednesday, March 20,2pm for a lively discussion of this very compelling story.
Nancy Effrain



Once again, we are collecting used tennis balls in the tennis center.  Please bring past-prime balls to the box and they will be sent to a nonprofit called Recycleballs. The balls will be stripped of the fuzz and chopped up to make rubber pellets.  The pellets are then sold to companies that make playground surfaces and courts. If you'd like more information or contribute to this cause, contact Beth Morrow -

Please take the plastic tennis ball container to your personal recycling bin.  There is no recycling for these at the tennis courts anymore.



With the increased seasonal activity at the Tennis Center, it is strongly recommended that residents and tennis club members make court time reservations for all day and nighttime available court times from November 1 to April 30.  As a member of YourCourts, you will be able to log in and see all the reservations for court times.


To opt in, please send your name and email address to In the subject line put in "Add Me to Yourcourts"




The Art Studio has begun. This is art class but a place where people can work on their paintings, drawings and sculpture while exchanging ideas and techniques with other students. It’s a friendly environment where you can work on your own projects at your own pace. Contact Steven Katz @ for further information.



We meet on Monday evenings from 7 to 9pm in the Clubhouse Crafts Room. We welcome Beaders of all experience levels from Beginners to Advanced. 

Please contact Karen Miller at, if you are interested. 



Healing and Awakening Meditation 

Every other Tuesday @ 7:30 pm, in the craft room at the club house

Love donation: $5.00, Please bring a bottle of water. 

The next session will be held on February 28th. 

Please contact Miriam Rosen at



(low impact dance aerobics and SO much more)

Nia addresses the body, mind, emotions and spirit using dance, yoga, tai chi and more, with great music from around the world.

We dance together every Tuesday and Friday 10AM in the Men’s Card Room of our clubhouse. For more information contact Helen Sohne:



Table Tennis is going strong with all the “snow-birds” back in town and we’re having a blast. There’s a change for “newbies" or “returnees.” No more 11:30AM Monday lessons; “lessons” or beginner play will be offered during regular hours. 


Join us during club play time, Mondays and Wednesdays 12-2, Fridays 10-12. A couple of people do show up on Friday but not many, so peek in and see who’s around or come with a friend. We have also opened up Thursday evening from 7-9PM. Please drop us an email if you are interested in playing at night. Contact with any questions.


EZ FITNESS CLASSES – Muscles in Motion

M W F 9:00 - 10:00, through May 31st 

Questions? Contact Madeleine Bochner



Water aerobics classes are held at pool 1 Thursday at 12:30. Water aerobics is now on Team Reach. Please download the app “Team Reach” and use the code rbwa001 then follow prompts to join. All communications will go through this app. Check with Nan for any changes.

GENTLE YOGA with Deb Mayes   $20/month or $10/class

Saturdays 10am, bring a mat.  Mondays 10am Chair Yoga, no mat needed. 



Get your crafters hat on. Come join us for arts and crafts. The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.  Any questions contact Babs Heller.



2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 10:15, clubhouse craft room. All supplies provided.

Supply fee - $4.  Any questions – Madeline Hincken



Friday 10 - 12 in the crafts room. Further info call Joyce Poses



Canasta Play every Monday, 1:30pm, in the MCR. Learn the game or refresh your game.



Join us Thursdays at 10:30 am in the main auditorium of the Clubhouse for a discussion of international, national, and local events of interest. You present what you want to discuss. Every opinion is treated with respect. Come and give us a try. 

Questions contact Nancy or Jack Effrain at




Please shower before going into the pool as it leaves marks on the coping – and remember to shut the water off when finished! Please use a towel on all chairs and lounges.

Sent by a resident: “… shower before entering pools. Wear a rash shirt instead of sunscreen or be sure sunscreen is zinc oxide. Just read an article indicating zinc oxide has fewer chemicals to gunk up water. Otherwise, we have to de-gunk coping more often.”

Hot Tub Etiquette: Please refrain from gathering and lingering around the hot tub deck when you have finished your soak and others are looking to use it.


Only pool noodles are allowed in the pools, no floats. Please check the posted rules. Remove the floats (snakes/alligators) that are kept in the pool to deter critters when you swim and replace them when you leave.


Do not go into the pool/spa unaccompanied. Anyone with incontinence (child or adult) should not go into the pools.  Please shower before going into the pool. Only licensed Service Animals are allowed in the pool area. No others are allowed, by law.


Pools #1-4 open from dawn until dusk (there is no set time as this changes seasonally).  Pool #5 is open from dawn until 11pm, adults over 18 only.



If you are expecting another community for league play, please give the name of the community to the guard for access.


PICKLEBALL (wear court sneakers) No dogs are allowed on the courts.


We will now have open play from 8 to 9:30 am on Wednesdays and Fridays and 5:30 to 8:30 pm. Open play will now be courts 7&8.




The Bocce Courts are located on 29th. Ave near pool 2

We play Mon.& Thurs. evenings @ 6PM and Sat., Sun., and Wed. mornings @ 9AM. We have beginners Bocce on Tues. evenings @ 6PM

See event info at top.



Wednesday afternoons at 3:45 PM at the 3-sided concrete enclosure at the back of the tennis center.  Please join our RB stickball players for a fun time pitching and hitting with no running.



Watch the mail for the “tear off” info for paying maintenance.

Please make sure you mail your payment with your account number to:


Rainberry Bay, PO BOX 30351, Tampa, FL 33630-3351


Rules Compliance is up and running. Letters are going out. Repeat offenders will be referred to the board for fines.

No soliciting of any nature is allowed in RB – see something, say something!


Committee chairs should go through their board liaison for any board issues.


The FSR ‘emergency’ number is for just that – emergencies – those consist of floods, blood and fire. The last two should be called to 911. 


Bulk pick-up items should be put out no earlier than 4pm Thursday evening.  In the villas section, do not block the dumpsters. You could receive a violation/be subject to a fine. If you have items to be picked up before Friday, call for a pick-up.

If you live in a section with a dumpster, please break down all boxes to 3x3 and put them in the proper recycling bin.  Do not block the dumpsters or recycling bins or they will not be emptied.


Please make sure all construction debris is removed. All boxes must be broken down before putting them into recycling bins. (3x3) Where there are dumpsters, do not block the dumpsters. The truck will not remove the bulk items OR the garbage in the dumpsters.


Problem with the garbage pickup? call Waste Management at: 561-202-2463.


If you have any lost items, the office is holding a number of items.  Contact the office during regular business hours.

Please do not put your “doggie doo” bags in anyone else’s pail at the curb, in any storm drains (which empty into our lake) or the lake.  Wait until you get home or use the “doggie stations” around the lake! Additionally, do not drop cigarette butts around the lake or on our sidewalks. This is YOUR community!

“Open Houses” are not allowed in Rainberry Bay. Please read the most current set of Rules. It is the owner’s responsibility to be sure your realtor is aware. The Rules also require that everyone wear a cover-up to and from the pools. Thank you.

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