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This week in Rainberry Bay: 7/12/2024

Updated event info: (click on Calendar) or Beacon

Maintenance was due July 1st.  Please allow time for the mail or processing. If your payment is not processed by July 30th, you will be considered late and subject to late fees.

Please make sure you mail your payment with your account number to:

Rainberry Bay, PO BOX 30351, Tampa, FL 33630-3351






CERT & STORM & HURRICANE PREPARDNESS -Course and hurricane info below









Board Meetings: All meetings will be hybrid meetings (clubhouse plus zoom). Please do not wear perfume to the meetings as some people have allergies. Thanks. Recordings of meetings will be made available on the website. Click on The Videos Link –contact the office for the password if you do not have it.


Master –July 24 @ 3pm - Workshop

Homes – no meetings over the summer, next meeting in September.

Villas t/b/a


Landscaping – Next Week


All weather permitting, subject to change.

Homeowners must leave gates unlocked and open.  PBB will not be responsible per contract for anything damaged in the grass while mowing, however they will be as cautious and mindful as possible of things/ornaments on turf.


Trim crew will be in the Deer Section

Spray will be will on 26th across from the theater (“)

Mowing will be on 23rd Ln near tennis courts


Just a reminder about debris pickup: On Monday and Wednesday, a few palm fronds that have fallen from trees, can be placed at your curb for pick up by our landscaping and/or our management companies Friday is the day large amounts of debris from trimmed trees will be picked up by Waste Management. Please DO NOT put any debris on the circle.




Friday July 12   - 6:30-8pm- Theatre Parking Lot 

Bring your chairs, water and dancing shoes!

Sponsored by "On Stage"



July 21 “Origin”

Aug 4 “Ghostbusters2”                    Aug 18 “Boys in the Boat”


THE FAMILY OF MARCEL ST. LAURENT is inviting friends and neighbors 

to join us as they gather to honor the memory of Marcel 

on Thursday July 25 at 1:00 PM at the clubhouse. A reception will follow. 

Everyone is encouraged to stay and visit as we continue to celebrate a life 

well-loved by wishing Cathy St. Laurent a happy 90TH BIRTHDAY.



Beacon Update!


PLEASE send the Beacon your photo so that we can salute you for Veterans’ Day.

Send photo to:


Due to personnel changes at Minute Man Press, the Beacon was late to arrive and there are a few mistakes. Apologies to Andrew Feldman (p. 19). His area code is 516.

If anyone would like to receive the Beacon online, please send an email to





On Stage has a wish List.  As we prepare for our upcoming season, there are a number of items we would love to have donated.  We can use at least 1laptop (Apple preferred) Desktop or Mac Mini will work as well.  We can also use gently used iPads.  Additionally, we need flat screen TVs and computer monitors which must have working HDMI ports of any size up to 60".  Lastly, if you have any microphones, microphone stands, cables or music stands, please let us know. Once we complete putting this system together, we will not only use it with On Stage events and rehearsals, but we will make it available to other groups here in Rainberry Bay.  If you have any of these items, please contact Neill Klein by email at onstage.rainberry@yahoo,com



All meetings are at 11AM, in the clubhouse. Please contact me with questions, for info:

*August 13- Marty and Nancy Weinstein will present Sons and Soldiers, by Bruce Henderson




Come join us for "BINGO ON A SUMMER AFTERNOON" SCHEDULED FOR TUESDAY, JULY 16TH FROM 1:00-4:00 P.M. IN THE CLUBHOUSE AUDITORIUM!"  THIS WILL BE THE WOMEN'S CLUB'S LAST EVENT FOR THE 2023-2024 SEASON!  Tickets will be sold in advance on Monday, July 15 in the Clubhouse Lobby from 4:00-5:00 p.m.  If you are unable to get to the Clubhouse on Monday to sign up, you may register in advance by dropping off your payment with a check for $10.00 per person made payable to "RB Women's Club," and placing it in the Women's Club mailbox just outside the RB Library and Gym.  We are Box # 10!  

Be sure to provide us with your name(s) and contact info in case we need to get in touch with you ahead of the play date. Purchase your tickets early so you are not closed out of the event.  There are a limited number of BINGO boards available.  Once there are no more GINGO cards, the doors will close.  Hope to see you on Tuesday afternoon!

As this is our last Event for the Summer season, this writer will be on a much-needed vacation for the next few weeks.  So, unless something changes, the Women's Club column will be on hiatus until August 9th!  Happy Summer to all!!



The Summer Bowling League runs every Thursday afternoon, through August 22nd at 3:00 p.m. The cost for League bowling is $11.25 per week and covers three (3) games plus a pair of bowling shoes to rent.  In addition, League members are able to bowl two (2) FREE games the week following each session.  Shoe rental is also included in the price.  This is always a fun activity when everyone can be together indoors on a "hot" Summer afternoon.  And, you will get to show off your skills and bowling talents.  If I must say so myself, "Congratulations to Fern Katronetsky (ME,! the author)" for bowling an even 200 on June 27th.  I don't know how it was done, but "chance" was on my side.  Who knows if I'll ever bowl that again, but it was VERY EXCITING for this bowler!

If you are interested in joining our upcoming Fall/Winter League, contact League President, Fern Katronetsky, at the following email address <>.  All are welcome to join; bring your friends and relatives as well so everyone can have as good a time as you!!

This writer will be on a much needed vacation for the next few weeks.  So, unless something changes, the RB Bowling League column will be on hiatus until August 9th!  Happy Summer to all!



The Table Tennis Club invites you to play or watch during our club play time: Mondays and Wednesdays 12-2, singles or doubles play; Fridays 10-12 mostly singles play. If you do want to play, wear shoes that aren’t too “grippy,” bring a drink and a paddle if you have it. Contact with any questions.



NIA CLASSES (low impact dance aerobics and SO much more)

Nia (low impact dance aerobics) 

Tuesdays & Fridays 10-11AM In the Men’s Card Room


Nia Summer Promotion Now Through the End of September:  New to Nia? First two classes are free. Current student? Bring a (new) friend and you both get 2 free classes. For all students now through the end of August, attend class and be entered in our raffle. 


There are choreographed dance moves, but they are more varied. There is upbeat music from around the world, very eclectic, covering several genres. But there’s also soothing music to calm the nervous system at the end of each routine. There are longer warm up and cool down periods. While you are encouraged to do more if you can, you’re also encouraged to listen to your body and do less when necessary. You’ll be taught adaptions to moves to accommodate any health issues. And a huge difference is the low injury rate as Nia is based on how our bodies are meant to move.



Allan Trust & Roberta Weltmann, are our new co-leaders. We will continue to meet at 10:30 AM, on Thursdays, in the clubhouse. The club will not be meeting for the month of July. The next meeting will be Thursday, 8/1, at 10:30AM, at the clubhouse.

For information email Roberta at


Healing and Awakening Meditation. Please contact Miriam Rosen at


EZ FITNESS CLASSES – Muscles in Motion

M W F 8:30 – 9:30 through November 30th. Questions? Contact Madeleine Bochner



Water aerobics classes are held at pool 1 @11 -12 o’clock Wednesday and Fridays.  There will be a small fee of $20 a month.  Hope to see you pool side.

GENTLE YOGA with Deb Mayes   $20/month or $10/class

Saturdays 10am, bring a mat.  Mondays 10am Chair Yoga, no mat needed. 



2nd and 4th Tuesdays, 10:15, clubhouse craft room. All supplies provided.

Supply fee - $4.  Any questions – Madeline Hincken



Friday 10 - 12 in the crafts room. Further info call Joyce Poses



Canasta Play every Monday, 1:30pm, in the MCR. Learn the game or refresh your game.




PICKLEBALL (wear court sneakers) No dogs are allowed on the courts.

Open play Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please use courts 7&8.

The times are: 8:00 am and 5:30 pm.



Our Bocce club meets at our two Bocce courts on 29th Ave near Pool 2. 

We play together on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday mornings at 9am and on Monday and Thursday nights at 6pm.  Our members are great teachers and will be happy to welcome you and show you how to play. 

SPECIAL NOTE:  Our Rainberry team is looking for skilled competitive players to try out for our travel team.  If you qualify for the team, those that are still here over the summer will be practicing. If you are interested, please give Barry Nissinoff a call.  His phone number is listed in the Rainberry Directory. 



Wednesday afternoons at 3:45 PM at the 3-sided concrete enclosure at the back of the tennis center.  Please join our RB stickball players for a fun time pitching and hitting with no running.



Please shower before going into the pool as it leaves marks on the coping – and remember to shut the water off when finished! Please use a towel on all chairs and lounges.

Only pool noodles are allowed in the pools, no floats. Please check the posted rules. Do not go into the pool/spa unaccompanied. Anyone with incontinence (child or adult) should not go into the pools.  Please shower before going into the pool. Only licensed Service Animals are allowed in the pool area. No others are allowed, by law.


Pools #1-4 open from dawn until dusk (there is no set time as this changes seasonally).  Pool #5 is open from dawn until 11pm, adults over 18 only.




The office hours are posted on the door to the office: Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri: 8:30-4:30, they close for lunch 12 – 12:30.

On Wednesdays the office will close for the day at 12:30pm, reopening Thursday at 8:30am. They are inside, working.

Do not write or otherwise contact our vendors / contractors without express permission, this includes the landscapers, painters and roofers.

No soliciting of any nature is allowed in RB – see something, say something!


Bulk pick-up items are picked up Friday mornings  Do not block any dumpsters because the garbage truck will not empty the bin. You could receive a violation/be subject to a fine. If you have items to be picked up before Friday, call for a pick-up.


Please make sure all construction debris is removed. All boxes must be broken down before putting them into recycling bins. (3x3) Where there are dumpsters, do not block the dumpsters. The truck will not remove the bulk items OR the garbage in the dumpsters.


Problem with the garbage pickup? call Waste Management at: 561-202-2463.


“Open Houses” are not allowed in Rainberry Bay. Please read the most current set of Rules. It is the owner’s responsibility to be sure your realtor is aware. The Rules also require that everyone wear a cover-up to and from the pools. Thank you.


Bug Off Exterminators, Inc. – Direct calls (only)

Phone number to schedule pest control: 954- 772-8338

Rainberry Bay's Schedule is: Mon., Wed., and Fri. between 9:00 am to 1:30 pm, a total of 15 appointments per day.




Through July 27, 2024, the City will temporarily switch from using total chloramines to free chlorine at the water treatment plant and in the water distribution system as part of routine system maintenance. Our team will also be flushing fire hydrants throughout the City during the scheduled maintenance.


During this time, you may notice a slight change in taste or smell to your tap water. If you use a home dialysis machine, own aquarium fish, or manage stores or restaurants with fish and shellfish holding tanks, please seek professional advice on how to remove chlorine from tap water.


Questions? Please call the Utilities Department Customer Service team at (561) 243-7312 Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.



The Volen Center is offering free Hurricane Meals to people over 60 who might be stranded by a hurricane. I understand the food would be in cans, since power might be out. Interested parties should call (561) 395-8920, Ext. 0, M-F 9-4.



LWDD – Lake Worth Drainage District


A New Hurricane Tool

This year the National Hurricane Center is rolling out a new version of their forecast cone map. The goal is to make residents outside the cone more aware of potential impacts. Learn more at the link below.



Watch for spam from Xfinity or SunPass.

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