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Architectural Control Committee


Roger LeFevre

Cliff Guinyard

Ed Maguire

Susan Maltezo

Robert Cohen

Liaison: John English

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Architectural Control Committee

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) processes all requests for Architectural and Landscaping changes as defined in the Rainberry Bay Rules and Regulations and these ACC Rules. The authority for ACC decisions derives from Sections 12 and 13 of Article VI of the Master Association Documents of Rainberry Bay.


The purpose of this Committee is to fairly and uniformly apply guidelines to all exterior improvements to structures in Rainberry Bay, thus preserving the appearance and uniformity of the community. This Board must be familiar with the Rules and Regulations of Rainberry Bay pertaining to Architectural Control as well as Article VI, Section 12 and 13 of the Declaration and Section 720.3035 of Florida Statute.


They must also be familiar with the stated guidelines for the Architectural Control Committee. This Board reviews resident plans for EXTERIOR renovations or additions, including but not limited to, patios, screen structures, concrete pads and driveways. This will ensure that the plans comply with stated guidelines in the documents with regards to construction methods, materials, color, etc. Residents and their contractors should be referred to these guidelines when planning their projects.


The Board is not responsible for insuring that a project conforms to government regulations. Obtaining a permit does not necessarily mean you will get architectural approval. The Board should periodically review and update resident forms used for the approval process. Once the application is completed, the committee is required to render a decision within 21 days of submission of the final application. It is the responsibility of the owner/contractor to be sure the proper permits are filed.


The committee should be comprised of five members, one chairperson appointed by the board, and at least two members each from the Homes and Villas Associations. 

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