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Rainberry Bulletin Board

The Rainberry Bay Bulletin Board (forum) is a new tool to be used by the Board, Clubs, and Committees to get information out to the RB Community, and to get feedback from the community. We are still working out the rules and procedures, but the basic rules are to be civil and place posts where they belong. This a huge amount of work but the Board wants better communication, and this is an attempt. Bulletin boards are old tech by this time, but in many ways they are better at organizing information than the other social media platforms. Also, we own and control it so we do not have to ask our neighbors to join platforms they might prefer not to use.

Download the quickstart guide. Many of you are already pre-registered, so do NOT register. If you get emails from the office or the Friday E-Blast, you are probably already registered. We did a bulk creation of accounts using random passwords, so use the "I Forgot My Password" link on the RBB main page. Enter the email address that you use for the RB office and you should receive a password change link by email in a few minutes - check spam/junk. If you don't get emails from the office or the Friday EBlast, you will have to use the Register link.

There isn't a whole lot of content yet but we're just starting out and, as of this writing, haven't even shown it at a board meeting yet. Irrigation News is the most active forum and is already your best way of getting updates about the irrigation system; you probably should subscribe to that forum.

We are still working out the rules and much of the structure of the forum and will take suggestions on how to make it better. But be civil. We are prepared to ban people who abuse RBB or any board member or other resident. Posts to the Rainbows forum are essentially "letters to the editor". They can be critical but posts to that forum must be approved for accuracy by a moderator prior to being approved.

When you've read the quickstart guide, press the friendly button below to access the RBB.

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