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After many years of very enjoyable
biking activities, especially before Covid,

The Rainberry Bay Bike Club

has been temporarily disbanded.

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Bike Club

It is with regret that we must inform you that due to liability/insurance issues, the Rainberry Bay Bicycle Club is being disbanded until further notice.  We have done some preliminary inquiries and will continue to research our options with the Rainberry Board and Management and will hold an informal meeting when we have done so  to discuss our options for moving forward.


If you bike in groups you do so at your own risk.

See Liability and Risk Management Issues for Cycling Clubs for information about the liability issue. 

 Even if you very much prefer solitary biking, it’s still nice that we, like-minded people, can still get together to make new friends and discuss like-minded interests. Interests obviously can vary and there can be room for all - depending on participation – from beginners to many levels. We can bike inside the community or discover nearby outside communities - riding on sidewalks and quiet residential streets OR, along the coastal A1A or other highway scenic routes depending on ability level and interest. For a $5 roundtrip fare on weekends, we can hop on the Tri-Rail with our bikes for leisurely rides to discover new scenery anywhere between Palm Beach and Miami.

Of course, enjoying a lunch or coffee along the ride is an added treat.

For more information about unsponsored bike trips, call Deb Peters.

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